Tymber Creek Road Widening Project Ending

Tymber Creek Road Construction

Tymber Creek Road Construction

Residents of Moss Point, Tymber Creek, Lost CreekBreakaway Trails, Tymber Crossings, Saddlers Run, Southern Pines and all other areas lining and surrounding Tymber Creek Road near Granada Blvd aka State Road 40, REJOICE! Driving home this afternoon, I noticed Tymber Creek Road was looking quite spiffy. It had been cleaned up and was looking ready for asphalt. Through a cloud of dust, spewing  from a concrete saw and shrouding the road, I noticed a Volusia County pickup on an unpaved portion of the East side of the road just North of the Tymber Creek entrance. I pulled over, and as I hesitantly approached, the window slowly descended revealing the project manager putting the finishing touches on his late lunch. I spoke with the gentleman, asking when he thought the paving might be complete.

The friendly fellow informed me that the project, originally slated for completion in January of this year, had been delayed due to change orders and some conflicts with utilities. He said that weather permitting, the paving of Tymber Creek Road through the Granada Blvd intersection should be finished by the end of August. So delight in the notion dear friends & neighbors and set your alarms for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, the Tymber Creek Road widening project is ending. Come September, we all may be better off with a widened road,  no more barriers and clear sailing to wherever our mornings take us.

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